Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Glastonbury - Town of Benches


SolarisGal said...

Wow, those are beautiful!

Debs said...

Such glorious pictures, they take my imagination off to other places, wonderful.

DJ Kirkby said...

Hi Solaris
Welcome, glad you like the pics.

Hi Debs
Hope they help you create a story or three!

PERBS said...

Nice placement for the first bench -- it needs a lick of paint to make it gorgeous tho.

Looks like no one cares about the 2nd bench. Sad!

The third one looks like a garden birdbath--nice to have lots of benches but it down't look like anyone cares there either.

Once again, anohter beautiful bench that needs a lick of paint.

I cannot see a bench at the castl.

LOVE that stone bench with the holes for slats -- very easy to replace a broken board but it too, needs a lick of paint.

The next bench must be in the shade as it is invisible to me.

That curved garden bench is lovely! Looks like people care for it and have a rstful spot to enjoy their garden in.

The twin single benches are like a few I ahve found. Look home made.

Hard to see that last one under the tree. Pretty setting for a bench tho.