Saturday, 27 September 2008

From the lovely and talented DK

From DK's equally lovely and talented mom BT


Pat Posner said...

This one lets me comment - will try your other blog again now


BT said...

How funny that K and I have taken similar benches! Pity the floor was so mucky below mine!

DJ Kirkby said...

Hi Pat
That is just so strange...I will have to get round to reloading the template on Chez Aspie when my life slows down enouhg for mundane tasks like that...I wonder how many other comments I've missed out on because of that problem?

That is 'cos you are both vibrant, funky, trendy women! I like the mucky floor, it adds charectar to the photo. xo

DK Green said...

~chuckles~ snap with momma!

BT said...

Thanks djk!! I have taken too many lately! Other half tells me off for always taking benches and things for DK's blog 'Enchanted Glimpses'! It's fun though.