Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Autumn.Q said...

i really love the theme~that is a amazing work~!and i will follow ur site~o(∩_∩)o

Humberto said...

Hello! I liked this blog and I would be glad to show you my own. I write chronicles, poems, stories and more. I am grateful if you can access and perhaps comment! The important thing is to be nice to all of you (a translator will be available there). Thank you. www.humbaz.blogspot.com

BT said...

Thanks for posting my benches! Certainly an odd batch, aren't they?

DJ Kirkby said...

Hi Autum and welcome
I like the photos on your site.

Hi Humberto
I went to your site before I saw your comment and realised that I couldn't read it. I will go back and look for the translator.

Hi Bt
As usual you've sent me a nice mix, my fave is that really old bench. I thin it is going to have a place in one of the books I am writing at the moment.

ed said...

I reeeeally liked your blog! It's a great idea! Congratz!

Butch Boo said...

Hey- you've been tagged!!

See my blog for details



DK Green said...


PERBS said...

Those iron mesh benches are actually comfortable because the air circulates under you.

Looks like plenty of room for students on those long benches.

I am not sure about the contraption with seats photo.

I like the ironwork on that battered bench.

Those two garden benches are adorable -- "mama and baby" benches! Ü

The next blue bench looks like it can fold down. I really like it and even the color is nice!

Three in a cozy group means lots of good times.

Love when you find benches in unusual places!

I was going to say that was the longest bench with wooden slats I have ever seen. . . but I enlarged it to see the legs better and see it is two memorial benches side by side. I like the graceful legs!