Sunday, 27 December 2009

This is my Grammie Kirkby's bench

And, this is her view!


Indigo said...

This looks like the kind of place I'd go to think... but the veiw is mind blowingly beautiful so I wouldn't actually get any thinking done. I can almost smell the dampness of the trees smell the still air

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

not a bad view for winter

DJ Kirkby said...

Hi Indigo
You got it right about the dampness, it is so damp that moss grows on the trees there.

Hi Gerald
The view is amazing with each season. You'd love it there, photographic overload.

liz fenwick said...

Stunning view.

joo said...

Someone told me about your blog since from time to time I post the photos of benches on mine - I'm really impressed with all pictures I founf here, as well as with your other blogs!
Will be back here for sure!
Greeting from Poland:)

Middle Ditch said...

I had another lovely time here looking at all those wonderful benches.